Estonian Fashion Store Siluett

The business card of Estonian design in Pärnu

Our story

Tiina Tõns and Elve Pedastu learned to know their customers very well during their long work experience in an old town clothes shop. They knew what a woman in Pärnu was looking for, what was her style and what never went out of fashion – dresses!

So they had an idea to open their own shop, at first it was supposed to be a small dress boutique. The fact that neither of the women had not learned any entrepreneurship or business management, did not stop them. Together they took an adventurous path and since the early spring of 2017 the result is in front of us – Estonian fashion store Siluett in idyllic Pärnu old town. Since the beginning they have only sold Estonian design in the shop.

By now the store’s product range has expanded greatly – dresses are complimented by jewelry from dozens of jewelry artists. Clothes selections range from sweaters to coats. Bags, shoes, health drinks, puzzles… For men and women!